Coming back into teaching after being a parent for many years has put a whole new perspective on my view of teachers. When I walk into my children’s classroom and hear the teacher putting each subject into a Christian perspective, teaching the Bible stories from a redemptive-historical view, teaching the students their role in God’s covenant, I see and hear the work of the parents and church coming together so beautifully in the classroom. This is where Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College excels, putting Christ-centered teaching into the heart of its teacher training, opening their students’ eyes to the world views around us and to the extent of today’s secularism. As a parent, I would like to thank CCRTC for striving to produce Christ-centered teachers who view each of their students as one of God’s precious covenant children.

Class of 2001

 Francine Van Iperen

[I] still greatly appreciate the Christian framework and context that the Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College gave me. My learning there gave me a lens through which I can rightly view education, the student, and my role as a teacher—and for that, I’m thankful. 

Class of 2002

 Matt VanPopta

For me, CCRTC has been a real blessing in understanding the link between teaching and learning. Many of the concepts taught there have directly impacted my current practice. Every graduate who finishes his or her work at CCRTC echoes the same phrase of appreciation for the guidance and encouragement of the faculty; their hard work has been blessed by the LORD.

 The work that is done at the College to train teachers in understanding the link between faithful learning and faithful teaching – and to understand it as a continual practice – has been a blessing in my own teaching career. It is my prayer that the LORD continues to provide for the College, through such things as accreditation, qualified instructors and financial support from its members, so that schools across the country may continue their quest of telling the next generation about the praiseworthy deeds God has done.

Class of 2004

 Ed Balch

To this day, I am so thankful that I went to CCRTC, for there I learned not only the how of teaching, but more importantly the why. I learned the importance of reformed education for both students and teachers, as all areas of life are under God’s care. As a teacher called to lead and guide the students, I know that although we are each tainted by sin, we are also redeemed in Christ. What a joy it is to have this knowledge in the classroom.

Class of 2011

 Carina Bijlsma

I have a lot of fond memories as I look back on the two years I attended CCRTC. I loved attending a school where I could learn from, and learn with, my brothers and sisters in Christ. We had so many great teachers and so many fabulous courses that we could take to help us develop in our own skills (ie. English, Music, French, Art, Philosophy etc.) so that we could better teach our future students. All of the courses we took were geared towards developing ourselves and teaching others. I really enjoyed that about the College.

Class of 2004

 Elizabeth Smith

… I look back with thankfulness to God for leading me to teaching, and with thankfulness to the instructors at CCRTC who, in one short year, had such a profound and lasting impact on my life.

Class of 1995

 Clarence Blokhuis

Whether we are parents or not, as mature brothers and sisters in the household of faith, we are all to be engaged in telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord. That becomes especially important to a classroom teacher who assists parents in their telling role. It is that idea that stands out as I reflect on my time spent at Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College.

Class of 2006

 Jessica VanSydenborgh

In the many roles that I have taken on I have used my education at CCRTC to articulate what Reformed education is, and how we make decisions based on that vision. The educational foundation that was provided at CCRTC has proven a solid asset for my life professionally and personally. May the seeds sown at the college so many years ago continue to grow, spread, and flourish....

Class of 2000

 John Van Iperen