CCRTC Update # 5


10,000 REASONS

With every new day and every new week there are so many reasons to praise the LORD!

At CCRTC we are thankful –

Thankful for a dedicated staff whose weekly virtual planning meetings have been so helpful to keep the administrative tasks on track.

Thankful for a hardworking team of full-time and part-time faculty members.

Thankful for continued financial support, especially now.

Thankful for different ways of giving.

Thankful for the Board and its Committees for carrying out their respective tasks.

Thankful for the positive attitude of students as expressed in their voices below.

Thankful for the willingness of the panelists to still carry out the first phase of review of the consent application on Thursday and Friday, April 23 and 24.

Thankful for all your prayerful support: Please pray for a blessing on the review process.

These are only eight of the 10,000 reasons!

Please join us in praising “Bless the LORD, O my soul!” (Ps 103)

Christine van Halen-Faber


Voices from the “Class of ‘20”

Learning at CCRTC has undoubtedly been different these past few weeks. It initially came with some challenges and was a large learning curve for all of us but I am happy to say that it is now going very well. All of the instructors and faculty have been great with communicating with us consistently and assisting us in whatever questions we might have. They have shown a lot of interest in how we are all doing, by sending either encouraging notes or a devotional. I am very sad that I won't be able to finish my final year off with my classmates but I am extremely grateful for technology and the opportunity to see them all virtually.” (NB)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend lots of time with my family while I have the chance.  I also like being able to set a schedule that works for me and love the lack of a long drive, meaning I can sleep in :)  Thinking of the uncertainty of the situation, we really don't know what next year will be like, so we could be teaching in a similar situation and it will be helpful to have had experience on the other side of the spectrum so we know what our students are going through.” (AB)

These past weeks have been great! Struggling to know the best strategies to get it done but it’s been overall good! I have been having some struggles with the videos being sent as my wifi isn’t the best but I’ve be managing. Good communication has been the highlight of these past weeks. The teachers are well prepared!! 

Wishing we could be together for the last few weeks of the school year.” (KD)

Attending Covenant has certainly changed in the past few weeks but through all of the changes, we have still been able to connect with everyone! What a blessing! The video meetings and the online chats have been working quite well! (TP)

Another week has come and gone. As much as it is a disappointment that we can't finish off the school year with our classmates, we can be thankful for the technology that allows us to finish off the semester! We can also be thankful for the teachers that are there to assist the students in whatever way they can!” (AV)

After online learning for three weeks, we realize how blessed we are to have a small Christian college to go to.  Even though going to college often felt like a burden, today we realize that it is a privilege and blessing.  At the same time, technology has helped us make this transition to online learning easier, and with the same quality!  Thankfully we can meet online to see each other virtually, still feel like students, be part of a class and the overall school community. I am thankful to the faculty and my classmates for the extra care and support shown, always... but especially during this time.” (KV)

These past three weeks have been a unique and positive experience, and as students we are so thankful for the constant support from our instructors at CCRTC, as they work hard to make the last several weeks of school manageable for us. We wish we could be together at the College, especially those of us who are in our third and final year of studies, but we are thankful for the means of technology during this time!” (DV)