CCRTC Update # 4



 Much is new these days, but “there is nothing new under the sun”. Outside, the grass greens and white lilacs are budding, in line with Gen 8:22. Inside, at CCRTC, there’s a new wall-mounted hand sanitizer in the lobby. There is a novel way in which we teach, a different approach to selecting course material, a distinct format for preparing and submitting course assignments. Our front-desk experts give us fresh types of support, not in the least associated with distance communication.

We naturally resist certain types of change—especially the variety that could get us down or set us back. Yet, there are uplifting elements to it all. The grass and the lilac buds point upward. It was former elementary school students of mine, among others, Richard, Jo-anne, and Matthew, who were instrumental in some of the new things we use, whether in situ or remotely. When faculty adjusted course expectations and formats of delivery and assessment—while still working towards the same goals—current CCRTC students were amazing at embracing the changes, adapting, and turning out to be great and honest teachers to faculty members. Their weekly updates to the Principal certainly help! Uplifting! Merci beaucoup!

Of course, there were thorns and thistles along the way, hurdles to overcome. But He Who wore the Crown of Thorns on Golgotha faced far greater obstacles. Yet, he did not fail or remain stuck in the grave; He arose, He lives! New challenges abound, but, along with the grass and the white lilac buds, we are reminded to look up, and forward to the day when He makes all things new. Because of the Son, the same Gospel, nothing new. Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Sikkema