CCRTC Update # 3



Being new to the Executive Committee of Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College (CCRTC).  I am trying hard to learn what the norms are in the role of Vice Chairman. There is so much to take in; faculty and administration are actively engaged in the instruction and operation of the College, many committees are working to keep the College operating each day again and the students are learning on-line and working towards wrapping up another academic year. For thirty-nine years this has been able to go on, but only with God’s blessing.

There has been significant change in the operations since Premier Ford announced mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses due to COVID 19. Thankfully, the College was already well positioned with the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to change direction and provide instruction on-line and host the meetings in the same manner. Most organizations were scrambling to make this happen but the College had it in place almost immediately. This is certainly a testament to the IT Committee and an excellent administrative team.

The Executive Committee has been actively meeting in preparation for the upcoming accreditation review team from the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. A great deal of work has been done already to prepare for this meeting, but the executive is busy becoming more familiar with the application as we continue to prepare in the next few weeks for a virtual meeting with the reviewers. The Finance and Fundraising Committee continues to be active in monitoring the finances of CCRTC. Given that the supporting churches are no longer able to gather, the Finance Committee is also actively communicating that donations can continue to be received electronically, either through e-transfers, pre-authorized payments, Canada Helps, cheques mailed to the College, or just giving cheques to the  local CCRTC treasurer. We are thankful to report that God continues to provide.

The Program and Personnel Committee has also continued to meet. We can thankfully report that several students have applied and accepted an offer to study at the College in the coming academic year. The search for faculty continues for the upcoming academic year, and plans are being put in place for coverage of each instructional area offered at CCRTC.

This is just a portion of the committee work that has continued to keep the College operational. We have been blessed with many people of varying talents and skills who offer their time to keep the College operating.

As God’s word instructs us in Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. We recognize and must acknowledge that without God’s blessing we would accomplish nothing.  Let us all take comfort that we are all in God’s providential care.

Bert Poort, Vice Chairman