Giving to CCRTC - Donate

Giving to CCRTC – Donate

Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College is a not for profit institution and registered charity.  The College meets its financial obligations with income derived from annual membership fees paid by member school societies,  tuition fees and individual donors and contributors.  There is no funding received from the Ontario Provincial Government.  Therefore, when you help the college, by volunteering, praying, leaving a gift behind, contributing to the ongoing efforts or future development plans, your giving helps Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College equip students to teach our covenantal children

Where to Give:

  1. Donations/Contributions: This allows you to directly impact the lives of CCRTC students by keeping the College accessible and affordable.  Contributing in this way shows your personal commitment and allows students to receive professional development in faithful submission to the Word of God through instruction and training.
  2. School Society Membership:  School societies can become members of CCRTC.  Member school societies contribute money based on their number of students or on added value.
  3. Capital or Program Development Campaign:  We have now launched our Accreditation Campaign.  If you would like to donate on-line, please select Option B - Accreditation Fund at


 To learn more about the Accreditation Campaign

How to Give:

  1. Monthly Giving via Pre Authorized Payment (PAP) – by joining our PAP giving plan, you help provide us with a reliable income stream that allows us to ensure smooth operations of the college.  Currently the suggested monthly amount is $40/Month or $480/Annually.  Higher (or any) amounts are also accepted.
  2. Donate on-line via CanadaHelps:
  3. Donations by Mail:  (Cheque) payable to “Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College” to the mailing address:
    Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College
    410 Crerar Drive
    Hamilton, ON   L9A  5K3
  4. Estate Planning: A bequest to CCRTC recognizes that you are passionate about Reformed Education and share CCRTC’s mission to “provide academic teacher training and professional development in faithful submission to the Word of God…”
  5. Bequests:  A bequest is a gift in your will and it is a great way to leave a lasting legacy that will help others for years to come.  If you have any questions about the process of leaving a bequest, please email
  6. Endowment Foundation: Support future generations of Reformed Education by giving a gift now that keeps on giving.   By using the interest income from your gifts, the Harvest Foundation Endowment makes annual endowments to member Reformed schools and charities for years to come.  More information on  the Harvest Foundation Endowment can be found at or you can contact them at
  7. Contact by Phone:  If you prefer to talk to someone about your options, contact Donna Van Huisstede, College Administrator, at 905-385-0634.
  8. Volunteer:  If you are a member of the Canadian or American Reformed Churches and would like to be more involved in the regular activities of the College such as participating in committees or volunteering in another capacity, please contact Donna Van Huisstede at
  9. Prayer:  Giving doesn’t just come in the form of monetary value.  Another way to support CCRTC is through the gift of prayer.   Please pray for: students, faculty & staff, donors, new programs, and volunteers that sit on boards and committees.

Your giving impacts CCRTC and results in:

  1. Teachers trained in Reformed education
  2. Professional development for existing teachers
  3. Reduced tuition rates for students
  4. Develop new programs & certificates
  5. Support the current operations of the College

Thank you for supporting CCRTC students.  Every dollar you donate impacts the life of a student!


Tax receipts of $10 or more will be issued in February.  Please inform us if your address changes.