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Financial Info

Fees and Method of Payment

Tuition fees are determined by the Board of Governors and are subject to annual review. Current fees have been set as follows:

  • 2023-2024 • $8,417.00
  • 2024-2025 • $8,670.00

Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College College (CCRTC) is completely funded by the members of the Canadian and American Reformed churches and/or its supporting school societies. If a student is not a member of these churches, a donation of 50% above the published tuition fee will be required.

All tuition fees must be paid in full by the first day of school in September. These fees must be paid by cheque or money order payable to Covenant CRTC. Enrolment is not complete until all fees have been received by the College administrator.

Tuition Refunds

CCRTC is a small college and is greatly affected by enrolment. For this reason, the Board of Governors has put in place a progressive refund policy based on the following time line:

  • Tuition paid is refundable on a pro-rata basis up until the end of February, less the application processing fee.
  • After March 1, 100% of the tuition is non-refundable.

Financial Assistance


Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.  Details can be found on the OSAP website:

For those students who have previously had OSAP assistance but do not require further assistance during the academic year, the College may qualify to file a Continuation of Interest Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment in order to maintain student status.


Most of the chartered banks in Canada can provide an Education Line of Credit for qualified students. With an Education Line of Credit, the student pays interest only on the money actually used and not on the total credit limit. The student can pay down the principal amount at any time without penalty. Most banks have a six- to twelve-month period following graduation during which students are allowed to continue paying interest only. Students should contact their local bank for further information.


All full-time students will receive a T2202A tax form late in February for tuition fees paid between January and December of the previous year. A $10 charge shall apply for a duplicate T2202A form.

It is the responsibility of graduating students to supply the College administrator with up-to-date contact information.


In support for Reformed Christian teacher training, the Harvest Endowment Foundation has initiated a program whereby students, who attend CCRTC and intend to teach in a school affiliated with the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies, may apply to receive financial support in the form of a bursary or tuition assistance.

Details may be found on the Harvest Endowment Foundation website:

Textbooks and Materials

Students are expected to purchase textbooks as required by their instructors. Textbooks are selected on the basis of their usefulness within course structures, as well as their usefulness to practising teachers.

Textbooks are available through the College. Students may expect an annual textbook cost that falls in the range of $650 - $750 per academic year. Textbooks along with applicable invoices are distributed at the beginning of each semester. Payment of invoices is expected upon receipt of same.

Some courses may require additional supplies (e.g., art materials). These can usually be purchased through the College.

Duplication and Printing

At the beginning of each academic year, each student is assigned an access code number for the photocopier. All students are charged a standard annual duplication and printing fee of $65 to cover College-related use of photocopiers and printers. This fee will be included with the book invoice issued in January at the start of the second semester.

Students are required to pay $0.10 per copy for personal use of College duplication/printing facilities.