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Keeping the discussion going . . .

Especially for Christian Science and Math Teachers:

At the 2008 “Conference for Christian Science and Math Teachers”  organized by Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College in Hamilton, ON, Canada, the suggestion was made to “keep the discussion going.”

We are only pleased to do so, and include a number of items you might find to be of interest to you. We also invite you to add to this resource.

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Science, Math, Worldview, and Apologetics:

Recent discussions within the Reformed educational community have stressed the importance of worldview and apologetics in understanding and teaching science and math. Teachers may be interested in the In defence of the faith: An annotated bibliography developed under the auspices of the International Apologetics Project.

Of special interest to math and science teachers is Section 3 dealing with Faith and Science.

Science, Math, and Reading (under construction):

Under this heading we will be listing titles recommended by math and science teachers.

Relevant publications:

With permission from the author, we include the following articles:

“IN WISDOM YOU MADE THEM ALL...” (1) by F.G.Oosterhoff 

“IN WISDOM YOU MADE THEM ALL...” (2) by F.G.Oosterhoff 

REMEMBER CREATION ...” (1) by F.G.Oosterhoff 

PROCLAIM THE WONDER...” (2) by F.G.Oosterhoff 

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Conference for Christian Science and Math Teachers


On February 29-March 1, 2008, approximately thirty-five teachers participated in the Conference for Science and Math Teachers organized by Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College in Hamilton, Ontario.

The conference featured two keynote speakers:

Dr. Frederika G. Oosterhoff  presented a paper entitled Modern science and the Christian faith, and drew on a paper Integrating faith and learning  she presented earlier at the International Conference for Reformed Education II in Sumas WA, 2007. 

Dr. Arnold E. Sikkema presented Teaching science with Christian perspective in the 21st Century and “Encountering and Countering Reductionism (or: The fallacies of natural /physical / materialistic / compositional reductionism).”  Summaries may be found at

Four panelists, Dr. Peter Buist (Professor of Bio-Organic Chemistry at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON).  Dr. Arnold Sikkema, Associate Professor of Physics at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC), James Sloots (Science Advisor with the Sexual Assault Team at the Centre for Forensic Science in Toronto, ON), and Dr. Vince (Wytse) van Dijk (Professor Emeritus (physics) at McMaster University and Redeemer University College, Hamilton, ON) provided additional insights. The panel engaged the audience in dialogue and discussion around the top “Taking your personal experiences in learning science and math in a secular university and beyond as a starting point, how can we as teachers prepare our students for a similar learning experience?”

We look back at a worthwhile conference featuring excellent speakers and active participants.

Christine van Halen-Faber