CCRTC Campaign Update #2: Strengthening Reformed Christian education across Canada


Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College wants to achieve a stronger place for Christian education in Canada, for Canadian Reformed teachers and for the community as a whole.

As you may know, we have initiated the steps to request accreditation for our teaching program. For our two-year program, being able to confer on our graduates a Bachelor of Education degree, is long overdue…but how will this benefit both education and our church?  

  • With full teaching credentials, our teachers will be eligible to work in Christian schools in all provinces. This means that more schools will benefit from educators teaching with a Reformed worldview, which could expand the reach of Reformed values in education, and all across Canada!

  • The College will be working more closely with the government once accredited, which will not only improve our educational system, but will build a stronger relationship between the Reformed church and the provincial government. 

The cost of the application process needed to achieve this goal will be $350,000.00. As a non-profit, privately funded institution, we must look to people like you to help us raise the funds!

 Please consider donating [] today.