CCRTC Campaign Update #1: Let’s get credit where credit is due!


After 36 years of being the definitive source for Reformed teacher training, Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College and its students are seeking to get some credit. This year we are embarking on an application with the provincial government to gain accreditation status, which will mean that our graduates will hold a Bachelor of Education degree upon completion of the Covenant Teachers College program – just like other accredited teaching programs across Canada.

If successful in our application, accreditation will help our teachers:

              Receive full government recognition for completing a teaching program.

              Gain a more valuable return on their financial investment.

              Know that choosing a Reformed, Christian teachers’ college will mean gaining the same credentials as any other teachers’ college.

              Be eligible for teaching positions in Canadian Reformed Schools across Canada. (Currently unaccredited teachers may not work in Western provinces.)

              Have many more job options upon graduating!

As a non-profit, privately funded institution, we must look to community individuals and businesses to help when important issues such as this arise. If you see the value in the work we do at Covenant College, we hope you will consider helping us [at] – and our teachers – get the credit that’s deserved!